Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Going Away for Christmas

Well I'm off to France for a snowboarding Holiday with the Uni. Just finished an Animatic for Abandoned but after showing it off I need to make some drastic changes. for starters I need to show that the Player character is listening to Lisa on the Dictaphone/Intercom. I also need to check out some stuff especially British Playwright Sara Kane. From what I have heared she wrote a lot of Morbid plays similar to the story I wish to make.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Monocles are awesome

Strange Title yes but valid. I was hitting the dry slope with my homeboys. where I fell (in style of corse) and lost my glasses they smashed. Now onto what I've been doing. More work on Lucky currently working on his head no real detail yet but the shape is there. it is based on a dog a S&M mask I miss Euro trash)and here is it. I've also been working on the building our characters will be in already built it, basic texture, light and I'm working on Particle sources for the sandstorm.