Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Lighting cont'd

Well I've finished the Tutorial a little slower than hoped but it's done. Here are the results.

Overall I'm pleased but I would of liked to finished them sooner. Also I want to focus my attention onto environment art now. I have a project nagging at the back of my neck based on my love for abandoned buildings and the Med School's New blood 2011 Album.
Unfortunately I have yet to complete my two other projects, Project Night light and the Farnsworth House. So that Will have to wait till Later, I also got work experience that is completely Irrelevant to anything I want to do (cheap labour for them)

Monday, 15 August 2011

Let there be light

Okay Not a super productive week as I have been doing a lot of odd jobs around my house (painting furniture mostly).

I have been able to practice my lighting techniques. I've looked at Maya Essentials magazine to help me out. There are a whole load of useful stuff in there.
(Sunset Render Time to render 1 Hour and 10 Minutes)

I have also been brushing up on my Texture painting (get it Brush, painting). Thanks to this great but pricey Gnomon tutorial by Paul Campion. I have only completed half of the tutorial as the second half is based on faces and I want to leave it for when I might need to focus on characters.
(Shark tooth)

The fact of the matter is that I have little time to work on my technique as I being dragged away from it whether it is by doing odd jobs around the house of the distraction of working from home.