Thursday, 10 November 2011

When this baby hits 88MPH you're going to see some serious stuff fall off!

Well it's time to get started on A4069 and what better place to start then with your brand new ride. The 1995 3-door Ford Fiesta!
Yes this highly reconstructed car is what you will be driving in A4069. With it's new age CD player and sleek design this puppy is ready for the open road.

Hopefully I will start work on the teaser trailer for later this month so is to put a footing on my plans. Peace out!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A4069 First Concept

Well it is just about time to start on my next project. Named A4069 which is road name for the Black Mountain pass the game will be a look into the beauty of Driving and solitude. With music accompanying you as you drive this famous road along with visuals which coincide with the music and the player. There will also be scenes of reflection where the main character takes time to reflect on their life up until now.

Below if the first concept for the game the night time level where Light trails playfully lead you to the end.
I'm really excited for this and see this as "That Game company's" game "Flower" but with a car. Watch this space.

(Larger version can be found here)