Monday, 23 August 2010

New Logo now I'm like a real Game Designer

Hay Boys and Girl I've being scouring the one sea that is the Internet and I've done some interesting things. for one I'm going full steam ahead with All Alone and getting really excited.

I have even Made a Logo for myself if you look down there you can see it for yourself.
I have also been playing Kane and Lynch 2. I will say it is best bought as a rental but it is a good rental at that. A very short campaign but with some really cool moments.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Farm and Industrial

OK midway through and here is some of my progress I have had to get some help by using some great models from Turbosquid. in the writing side I have found for some reason the soundtrack to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky to be a great Muse. the biggest problem is keeping to a theme. The main books I'm using to help our are Sara Kane's play "4:48 Psychosis" and (Strangely) Max Brooks "World War Z". "4:48 Psychosis" is a strange play not only for the content but also in the way it is written no definitive characters although there seems to be three. the writing has been refereed by many as Sara Kane's Suicide note, very dark and misleading. My former tutor David Surman had pointed me to this play so kudos to him.

"World War Z" is a Zombie Horror written after the events of a global outbreak of Zombies. So why has this influenced me? The way it is written is just like an after action report to any war and in doing that gives the impression that you have been locked in a bunker all this time and have been given this to know what has been going on in your absence. one very importance scene I have taken influence from is where the author is visiting a young woman in a mental institute who has regressed into a child way of thinking. a very strong scene and shows how mentally destroying a situation like that can be. I hope to recreate the same atmosphere in this game as well with the writing especially in the later parts.

Now I am now looking for any programmers or Musicians to help out in any way possible. Musically I am looking for something similar to this If you can help that will be great.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A little treat

High Guy a lot of little things have been done but I want you guys to see for yourself so here is a link and tell me what you think.
The main thing is that I haven't put in any of the writing yet and I need props for those.