Thursday, 10 November 2011

When this baby hits 88MPH you're going to see some serious stuff fall off!

Well it's time to get started on A4069 and what better place to start then with your brand new ride. The 1995 3-door Ford Fiesta!
Yes this highly reconstructed car is what you will be driving in A4069. With it's new age CD player and sleek design this puppy is ready for the open road.

Hopefully I will start work on the teaser trailer for later this month so is to put a footing on my plans. Peace out!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A4069 First Concept

Well it is just about time to start on my next project. Named A4069 which is road name for the Black Mountain pass the game will be a look into the beauty of Driving and solitude. With music accompanying you as you drive this famous road along with visuals which coincide with the music and the player. There will also be scenes of reflection where the main character takes time to reflect on their life up until now.

Below if the first concept for the game the night time level where Light trails playfully lead you to the end.
I'm really excited for this and see this as "That Game company's" game "Flower" but with a car. Watch this space.

(Larger version can be found here)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Horror the Horror

I have just got onto an MA animation course so this means I have another year to get my act together. This is great news for me because it might get rid of my shame of having a 2:2 Result for my BA Hons. At the moment I'm very very late to get in  3 weeks late but in fact. but catching up has been smoother than I had expected.

I had recently done a  presentation of  my project "All Alone" Which has changed allot since it's last incarnation. Now instead of a FPS with no action it is a Stealth RTS. The visual style will stay the same but the gameplay and the interface will be completely changed. I'm enjoying this but I must be sure to set limits I might not even do this project for my MA, unless I can find enough people to help me out.

The other Game project I have in the works is known for now as "A4096". Now A4096 is a road in mid Wales also known as the "Black Mountain Pass" which was made popular be Top Gear a few years back. What does this even mean, well this is a driving/art game think "Flower" by "That game company but with a car.  Although there is no racing and it isn't heavy on metaphors instead it is all about the joys of driving and solitude. I want to make music a key factor in this by using artistic visuals like light trails and colour as a driving force (Pun not intended). I still have little idea on how to do all of it but it is a nice little spark and hopefully the wood is dry enough to actually set alight. Watch this space.

As it is nearing the end of October that means only one thing, Yanks have fun eating sweets while I have fun at Game City playing the video games. I have my business cards ready and I am looking forward to show off what I can (getting drunk and spending money in "Page 45" is also on the agenda).

I have also been caught up in Haunted houses over in the States. They not only look like fun but They seem like a great idea by looking into how to get an interactive audience to react. I would like to go over to "Halloween Horror Nights" over at Universal Studios Orland and get some ideas for scaring an audience for a horror game.

Sorry for the lack of work and pictures but getting on this MA has been a top priority for men and I am also in the really early stages of concept hopefully soon I can get something out soon. in the mean time have a Brushie.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Lighting cont'd

Well I've finished the Tutorial a little slower than hoped but it's done. Here are the results.

Overall I'm pleased but I would of liked to finished them sooner. Also I want to focus my attention onto environment art now. I have a project nagging at the back of my neck based on my love for abandoned buildings and the Med School's New blood 2011 Album.
Unfortunately I have yet to complete my two other projects, Project Night light and the Farnsworth House. So that Will have to wait till Later, I also got work experience that is completely Irrelevant to anything I want to do (cheap labour for them)

Monday, 15 August 2011

Let there be light

Okay Not a super productive week as I have been doing a lot of odd jobs around my house (painting furniture mostly).

I have been able to practice my lighting techniques. I've looked at Maya Essentials magazine to help me out. There are a whole load of useful stuff in there.
(Sunset Render Time to render 1 Hour and 10 Minutes)

I have also been brushing up on my Texture painting (get it Brush, painting). Thanks to this great but pricey Gnomon tutorial by Paul Campion. I have only completed half of the tutorial as the second half is based on faces and I want to leave it for when I might need to focus on characters.
(Shark tooth)

The fact of the matter is that I have little time to work on my technique as I being dragged away from it whether it is by doing odd jobs around the house of the distraction of working from home.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

It's over

It has been half a year since my last post. I have been too busy to much of stuff in my free time but now I'm out of University with a miserable 2:2. What brought me down was my Dissertation which I foolishly made on sound and music. In all honesty though there were other "Distractions" including a new television show involving Small Equines.

Now I'm out I'm just looking for a job any job. I have already sent out a few portfolios but no response yet (No surprise). In the mean time I have decided to work on my CGI skills and build a few pieces of work. whether they are art or just tests I hope they can build up my portfolio. The first of these is called Project Night light. Basically it is a recreation of a scene in the for-mentioned show a fantasy throne room. Stereotypical I know but it is a good place to look at bump, normal and specular maps.

The Second is my attempt at recreating the Farnsworth house. It's simple geometry, open plan and minimalism is perfect for not only practice but lighting tests.
Both are in their early days and I don't know when they could be completed.

I am also looking into making music as a hobby. I have already Fiddled around with FL Studio but now I'm looking into LSDJ and program that lets you make music through the sound card of an old Gameboy. I need this because If I am just focused on one thing then I loose all of what little personality that I have.

Hopefully I will find a job and then I can get some money, it will be even better if I can find a job making games.

Sunday, 30 January 2011


Well the Concept doc is done, Game Jam over and now the real work begins.

A lot of written work has been done but I have been foucused on how to get to work. I think I have some idea of how to do it but I have a lot of work to do.

We Game Jam for me was ok. several problem had turned up on my account but eventualy I became a sort of Merc. If I was to do it again I will only be able to work on 3D projects (Not easy when making a game in 48 hours.

to top it off here is the final Concept shot for FP3