Wednesday, 27 July 2011

It's over

It has been half a year since my last post. I have been too busy to much of stuff in my free time but now I'm out of University with a miserable 2:2. What brought me down was my Dissertation which I foolishly made on sound and music. In all honesty though there were other "Distractions" including a new television show involving Small Equines.

Now I'm out I'm just looking for a job any job. I have already sent out a few portfolios but no response yet (No surprise). In the mean time I have decided to work on my CGI skills and build a few pieces of work. whether they are art or just tests I hope they can build up my portfolio. The first of these is called Project Night light. Basically it is a recreation of a scene in the for-mentioned show a fantasy throne room. Stereotypical I know but it is a good place to look at bump, normal and specular maps.

The Second is my attempt at recreating the Farnsworth house. It's simple geometry, open plan and minimalism is perfect for not only practice but lighting tests.
Both are in their early days and I don't know when they could be completed.

I am also looking into making music as a hobby. I have already Fiddled around with FL Studio but now I'm looking into LSDJ and program that lets you make music through the sound card of an old Gameboy. I need this because If I am just focused on one thing then I loose all of what little personality that I have.

Hopefully I will find a job and then I can get some money, it will be even better if I can find a job making games.

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