Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Lazy Boy making experiance

I have been planning to sit on my arse allowing it to ferment all through the summer but my arse was having none of it and told me to do some work over the summer. So I've decided to make a short project based on my Video "Abandoned". So what will it be it's mostly a love letter to Chinese Room for their awesome mod "Dear Esther" the first thing is the title, I wanted to call it Abandoned but this will be a bit to Brash so I've decided on the lesser title of "No one here". The game play itself is more of an experience nothing serious and I might not even if have a game play mechanic (if I can't find a programmer for cheap). Finally the visual style, because I am crap at everything I want to make it as simple as possible. I 'm going for a monotone look which adds to the idea of being alone and void of life.

I want to update this on a weekly basis so I actually complete it and get feed back from anyone who stumbles onto this.

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