Sunday, 8 November 2009

Game City

Well I'm back from GameCity which was great but my Wallet took a beating. Got some Toys, Boondocks book loads of Monster and did some stuff for the website. Before I went off I met up with some guys from Tales of Tales which was great I showed them some stuff and basically told me I should just make a game like now. So with some ideas and inspiration I've got some ideas. the first is a first person ghost story set in an abandoned building.
There was some real cool stuff in Nottingham one of many was Crysis Live shown here:

The same guys did a final day project at the exclusive final night party based on Left 4 Dead which was basically like an old school haunted house walk through but on Steroids where you were shoved into the other half of the building, in the dark, asked to retrive a suitcase and given a tourch as a weapon. So to kill a Zombie you had to kill a zombie you had to aim the tourch and count to 6 while remaining still. I lost but it was amazing and I hope they do it next year.

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